Wondering how Wellesley is faring in the current economy?  Thinking about having a mini-reunion of classmates in your state but you’re not sure who and where they all are?  The Wellesley College Website and the Alumnae Site within it have answers for these and a myriad of other college-and alumnae-related questions.

Being a member of the Wellesley College Online Community offers numerous benefits:

  • Want a permanent e-mail forwarding address?  Use YourName@alum.wellesley.edu as your email address and the College will forward your mail to whatever your current email is.  No matter how many times your change your email provider, the Wellesley address will always work. Alumnae Email Connections explains how to sign up.
  • Traveling to a new area of the country or the world, and want to know if any classmates are in the area?  Go the to online Alumnae directory and do a search that includes the location you’re visiting and 1958. You never know who you'll find.
  • Want to buy a Wellesley sweatshirt for a grandchild?  Check something in the library catalogue?  Learn about an upcoming travel opportunity? Reconnect with friends from other classes?  All that and considerably more is do-able through the Alumnae site

Those are only a few suggestions for using this resource-rich site. If you have one, send it along to your webmaster.

To join the Wellesley College Online Community, if you are not yet a member, click the WCAA logo.