In their thank-you message to classmates who provided remembrances and photos of 1958’s deceased members for our 50th Record Book, Mary Hessel Dodge and Kim Kurt Waller, who put those pages together, wrote,

“We asked, and you responded—with stories, anecdotes, impressions, and updates on [the deceased classmates’] interesting and valuable lives after graduation. What we anticipated as a gathering of sorrows became instead a fascinating and inspiring experience. You told about strong friendships, about their amazing accomplishments, their trials, and their gifts to others. We hope that reading the Remembrance pages brings back to you some long-forgotten memories, and provides a chance, as it did for us, to both recall and say goodbye to those we have lost.”

Many of you said how very much you liked our 50th book including personal pages for those absent friends. This section of the ’58 website will continue that practice, giving us a place to “recall…and say goodbye” as the life journeys of other ’58 classmates come to an end.

Classmate deaths will be remembered on the Remembrance List page.  When you see familiar names, we hope you’ll share your memories, photos and stories about those women, during and after our college years. Details will follow soon.

The  Remembrance List, from 50th Reunion Record Book is also included.