Ann Scott

March 2013

Hi there! So glad you found us. There’s a feeling that 1958’s website is an under-tapped resource, but you’re here to prove that wrong. Please come again.


My mantra of late has been: “We are not growing younger.” Like: we hadn’t noticed that? Actually as in: “So we should do all we can while we can” – including getting together, because how many opportunities are there like a 55th Reunion? Our Reunion chairs, Barb and Tilly-Jo – see their page – have concocted plans for a grand time: meals, exercise, College classes, a colorful parade, down time in Claflin, and Phoebe’s programs for the “un-retiring.” That’s us.

In D.C. we are obsessed with The Budget, but we all know our personal budgets. If Reunion expenses ($290 plus your transportation) seem high, I urge you to take advantage of financial aid raised by classmates to make sure everyone can come to Reunion. Sue Klee leads and publicizes this program, which is administered in absolute confidence through the College: Simply call Cindy (781)283-2343 in the Alumnae Office or email Remember: the funds are there. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve really got you covered. Everyone will receive our signature Reunion umbrella. It features a dragonfly, an evanescent creature that symbolizes many virtues – our virtues, we hope: the maturity and depth of our character, our power and poise, our triumph over delusions, our commitment to living with a clear-eyed view in the present.

The umbrella whooshes open and evokes another connection. Gail Finkel Calder’s grandfather Benjamin came from Lithuania in 1888, age 17, a step ahead of Russian military recruiters. The entrepreneur eventually co-secured a patent for the first snap-open umbrella. So the US military recruited The Finkel Umbrella Frame Co. to manufacture parachute flares during World War II. Now, through our purple umbrella, ’58 gains protection from sun and rain, an example of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s art, a graceful motif from his unsung woman designer Clara Driscoll, a piece of American history, and a classmate’s story. Use it well!

And use this website well too. Its next iteration will feature sounds and sights of our 55th and a new cast of characters. Farewell and thank you to those who have served the past five years: Mary Edwards, Ruth Zollinger, Lou Mason, Kay Graff, and Norma Hasselmann. Brava for the truly un-retiring, our webmistress Audrey Reith. Cheers to Reunion co-chairs Barb and Tilly-Jo, and their program chair Phoebe Resnick. Kudos to nominating chair Connie Rieben who, with Mary Lenihan and Georgia Sue Black, rings in the new officers. Much appreciation for the ink-stained, eye-strained producers of our Reunion Record Book, Editor Nancy Patton, Susie Vrotsos and Paula Folkman. Thanks to all 376 classmates who make 1958 great.

Whoosh! It’s been a fast five years.  See you at Reunion, June 7-9.