Mary Edwards

My term as class VP is nearing its end, and with it my responsibility to design, oversee, support and cheerlead for, 1958’s mini-reunions. It’s been fun, and I hope if you’ve had the chance to attend any ’58 minis, you know that firsthand.

We’ve gathered to celebrate a classmate’s receiving an Alumnae Award for her life-changing work in the fields of neuropsychopharmacology and addictive diseases. Another classmate’s acclaimed new book on the White House gave us the opportunity to meet again.

We’ve profited from hearing and talking with current Wellesley faculty. We’ve had “destination minis,” in Houston and Philadelphia, to explore the museum treasures in two major cities… but with plenty of time to catch up with each other’s lives.

Not all minis require plane or train tickets, though. Maybe a classmate is passing through your area and emails to ask if you’re free for lunch. That’s a mini, too. Spend some time looking at the links on the right of this page, our photographic record of the times we’ve shared during the past few years, and I hope you’ll decide there’s quite a few good minis left in you yet.

There’s one more left in me: a mini-reunion luncheon at the on-campus College Club on Friday, April 26th. Our special guests will be Kim Bottomly who’ll be updating us on Wellesley happenings, and stay for a Q&A, and Andrew Shennan, Provost and Dean of the College. I can absolutely guarantee that it will be memorable. 

Looking forward to hearing from you…and seeing you at future minis!

Mary Edwards,
Vice President
Class of 1958