Ruth Harold Zollinger

Welcome to the Class Notes page !


We are only three months away from our 55th reunion in 2013, and so there is still time to meet my goal of hearing from as many of you as I can before it occurs!  Therefore, in the remaining months with Wellesley's help, I have begun to send flights of emails to classmates who have not been heard from for quite some time.

We have reached a stage in our lives when keeping in touch with each other is even more important, and the class notes and our wonderful Sister List are ways to do so.  But, you don't have to wait for my email!  Just turn on your computer now and send me one, or get out your fanciest stylus and pen me a message at my address listed in the Wellesley Magazine.  Your classmates want to hear from you - so do I. 

What would be of interest to my classmates, you ask?  What is it in my column that you enjoy reading about?  Classmates have written about political issues, the economy and its impact on them.  They also have included information about their families; their health and some of the adjustments they have had to make because of it;  and what it is like to downsize and move to a new community.  Some of you are avid travelers and we have traveled vicariously with you.  Many of you have shared with me and your clamssmates what you have been doing at this stage in your life to try and make a difference in the world we live in, either through your work or serving in a volunteer capacity.  Wellesley gave us a wonderful education; we all need to use the talents we have and the knowledge we gained in the best way we can.  I'm interested in any or all of these topics, so  please let me hear from you.

Please be sure to sign as well as print your name when you write a note to me.  Or, you can email me at  Be sure however, to note that there are two h's in the middle of my name or it won't reach me.  Also please be sure to label any emails "1958 class notes" If you have pictures please send them  to


 Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

 Ruth Harold Zollinger

Class Secretary