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Tilly-Jo Beatty Emerson

Forever 58!

Excitement is Building!


June 7 - 9, 2013

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Barbara Martini Johnson

We have almost 110 classmates signed up to date. Wow!!

A Big Thanks to Our Committee Chairs!

Barb and I are very proud of and pleased by our Committee Chairs. We want to take our hats off to Phoebe Rogosin Resnick for a wonderful and engaging Program, Ann Eisenberg Cooper for a meaningful Memorial Service, Willa Selenfriend Hutner for setting up the Dorm space, Joanne Lott Belgrad and Janet Rosenfeld Kramer for a scintillating and satisfactory social hour, Dorie Krebs Barnard for arranging a delicious class dinner at the Alumnae Club, Susan Duncan Dana and Leslie Meyer Holmes respectively managing the arrangements for lunch on Friday and Sunday. As you also know Lou Hassell Mason is keeping track of our treasury, Nancy Janes Patton has managed the Record Book, Susan Klee has done extra effort to provide financial aid to any that might need it and Audrey Reith is our Web Mistress.

Cheers for the Committee Members...

...who have worked hard to support their chairpersons!

Program: Ann Eisenberg Cooper, Myra Warren Isenhart, Leslie Meyer Holmes, Chris Brautigam Evans, Sherley Goodwin Gardner-Smith, Ruth Held van Heuven, Nancy Simon Purdon, Norma Ronning Hasselmann, Susan Cole Eyre, and Paula Prial Folkman.
Dorm Preparation: Susie Packer Vrotsos, Claire Austin White, Ann Eisenberg Cooper, Helen Schwin Foster and Margaret Holzer.
Saturday Dinner: CY Mann Treene.
Sunday Picnic: Ann McCormick Scott, Patsy Roberts Pemble, Sally Graves Hammerness, Mary Van Alstyne Lenihan, Chris Brautigam Evans, Anne Leonardson Kott, and Phyllis Tater Ritvo.
General Factotum:  Betsy Campbell Clinch.

Testimonial From Ruth Zollinger

The reunion committee has done a "splendid job arranging everything. It should be great fun and with the faculty lectures - a very interesting educational experience as well."

Looking Forward!

There are questions about attire, and yes, we do wear whites for the Parade on Sunday. To show off our purple!! And proudly carrying our Tiffany inspired dragonflies! If you still have a previous reunion beanie, scarf, paper dress do wear them!!

Ann McCormick Scott is our Parade Marshall. Luella Gross Goldberg is our college relations rep. She will introduce the president, Kim Bottomly.

The social hour is Friday evening 5:00 - 6:30, followed by Step Singing from 6:00 - 7:00.  The Friday dinner is 7:00 - 8:30.  Lots of chances to gather as a total group to greet each other and get off to a rousing start once again!

And we are  FOREVER, 58!!

Tilly-Jo Beatty Emerson,
Barbara Martini Johnson,
Reunion Co-Chairs