In 2008, our 50th Reunion year, we achieved an outstanding giving record. Our five year reunion gift was $4,792,645, with 113 Durant gifts and a class participation of 82.1%. Wellesley was thrilled with our achievement!

Below are the figures for 2012-2013 and our five year reunion gift so far.  We need 28 more donors to achieve our goal of 65% by June 30th. We have 49 Durant Society members (our goal was 35).


Total Gifts

% Participation

# Durants

2012-2013 $36,868 7% 7
2013 so far $401,733 57.1% 49

5 Year Reunion Gift

$2,591,881   175

Already we are ahead of the 55th Reunion totals for the classes of 1956 and 1957. This is very gratifying, but we have to continue our efforts to support Wellesley to the best of our ability.

One way to make a substantial difference is to give at the Durant Society level ($2,500 and above), and we are encouraged to give at this level if we can, particularly in a reunion year as this one.

However, it is important to note that a gift of any amount is significant, as each gift helps to raise our class per cent of participation.

Did you know that alumna per cent of participation in the Wellesley Fund is a factor in the U. S. News and World Report college ranking, and that many employers note favorably a Wellesley degree on a transcript?

In this important year we have an opportunity to show our pride in Wellesley College and the Class of 1958. Remember:

Purple Tops ‘58

Nothing Stops ‘58